Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st March 2012 - USDCHF hits SL, pinbar on GBPUSD


I was feeling a little uneasy when price continued to meander around support. The support level held and the bulls eventually won, hitting my SL.

The trade was offering a good reward-risk ratio so I can't complain. One likely mistake that hindered probability was the fact that I was trading the break of the inside bar INTO a support level, rather than PAST it. A better entry may've been the break of the first bearish candle that had hit support (24th Feb). An inside bar that falls short of support or resistance is a sign of market hesitation / consolidation. Either the market doesn't know what to do or the big buys are accumulating positions for a reversal. Thus an inside bar that falls SHORT of a support or resistance level may be traded as a reverse signal, rather than a continuation. If the break of an inside bar occurs BEYOND a support or resistance level, then it should be traded as a continuation signal. My lesson for the day.


A textbook pin bar formed overnight on the GBPUSD. The pin bar's sticking out like a sore thumb as both a rejection from resistance AND a significant numerical benchmark (1.6000). I've decided to split my order into two, with my first take-profit at support level #1 and my second take-profit at support level #2. I'll be using a trailing stop-loss so both orders will move to breakeven once they are halfway to their target. My initial stop loss is set at the 61.8% retracement level of the pin bar.

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