Monday, December 3, 2012

Recommended resources (Dec 2012)

Over the last year I've gathered a few sites / resources that I've found to be very useful. Some of my recommendations:
For anyone new to trading, I recommend BabyPip's "School of Pipsology". It's a FREE online course on basic trading. I've read a few introductory forex / trading books from bookshops, and found the School of Pipsology superior. The online community at BabyPips are also generally helpful.
Mercenary Trader covers trading in general, not just forex. It's main emphasis, in my opinion, is on trader psychology. Mercenary Trader routinely releases newsletters that I've found inspirational and insightful. I tend to ignore the market commentary, although that is available as well.
The owner of this blog / website, Daniel Fernandez, is a pure mechanical and automated trader. I'm a mechanical trader myself, and would like to become automated in the future. The site provides a free e-book which I can currently perusing. There's a noticable absence of quality information regarding automated mechanical trading. This site is one of those rare gems of expert knowledge that you'll find once in awhile.
I enjoy this website because I find the webmaster, Hugh Kimura, refreshingly honest and down-to-earth. I also believe that we're both at a similar level of development. The site doesn't contain much, strategy-wise, but it's most useful resources are the podcasts and interviews with professional traders. Getting an insight into the world of other traders is fascinating.
My forex broker. I used to be with GoMarkets but found the spreads on Pepperstone to be much better. Many Australian traders seem to prefer Pepperstone. I've been with them for half a year and haven't encountered any critical problems so far.

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