Friday, March 8, 2013

My results from trading six months live...

Wow, February, where did you go!?

I just realised that it's March, and it's been a little over six months since I (re-)started trading live.
My current broker is Pepperstone. Below you'll see screenshots of the two accounts that I've opened with Pepperstone and traded live for the last six months. (the only reason for opening the second account was to earn a small rebate from transaction fees via the Aslan Group. You'll find more details on the Pepperstone webite -

Account #1 (now closed)

Account #2 (current)

In terms of equity growth, I am up a little over 13% since ineption back in August 2012.
How do I think I'm going at the moment? For a first-year trader, I think I'm doing pretty good. My profit factor is actually a little above what I expected from my trading systems, but the sample size is also very small (41) so variance can be expected.
I would like to post my equity curve but unfortunatelly the one provided by MT4 mixes profits and losses with deposits and withdrawals, so it's not a true representation of my performance.
I hope the above results put my blog and thoughts into context.

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  1. Nice blog but your using a terrible broker. they scammed me last week for over 50 pips in slippage. I decided to move to IC Markets and I dont have the same problems.


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