Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My life goals

I think it's important as a trader to have a long-term goal in mind. We all want money, but what is it that we truly yearn for to compensate for years of hard work, pain and tribulation?
Value-based Goals 
1. Independence. Being able to enforce your life mandate without debilitation or restriction from others. Once you're self-employed, earning a good income with a healthy bank balance, you answer to no-one.
2. Time Freedom. The most precious commodity on Earth is time. You can't produce it. Everyone only has a fixed allocation. Once you spend it, you can't get it back. Getting out of the rat race and "retiring" is one of my most urgent goals.
3. Financial Freedom. Earning enough income to live a comfortable life. It doesn't need to be "luxurious". I don't strictly need a villa or a sportscar or a trophy wife to complete myself. The urgency of earning money needs to disappear from my mind.
4. Empowerment. The ability to impress my vision onto the world. We all have pet causes and beliefs that we wish to spread. This takes money. The more money you have, the more empowered you and your beliefs become. The world incremently moves closer to your vision as you rise in wealth (generally).
5. Health. This isn't strictly related to trading, but a high income and free time will allow me to purchase top-quality healthcare, afford healthy food and provide enough hours to exercise.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kevin. Health is amongst all the most important one I believe. Without health, there is no meaning behind time and financial freedom.

  2. Another good post, it is always important to keep in mind why you are actually spending all this time and energy trading. It really does have to be more than solely the financial gains.

    The only other area I might include would be the sense of accomplishment with succeeding in what you set out to do. I think there is something to be said for the confidence and feeling of success that comes along with having a long profitable career as a trader, something that not many people are able to do.


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