Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review of March 2016 Campaign

March has been profitable. I've managed to beat my performance in February (4.27% vs 3.96%).


Trades opened: 16
Account growth: 4.27%

More trades

Because of my decision to go back to trading the minor crosses late last month, I've traded more in March than I did in Feb (16 trades vs 10 trades). I believe this would explain my higher return in March.

Steady as she goes

Nothing major happened in March. My trading has become quite routine and ordinary, which is where you want it to be. There was no major drawdown to report. However, as March ended, I sensed a minor psychological fear of turning a positive month into a negative month, and manually closed a few trades early to pocket the profit. Most of those trades would've hit my original profit target, so I've left money on the table.

Next month

I've ended the first quarter of this year in profit. I think I'll press my foot on the gas a little bit harder and increase my maximum risk to 2% for April. 

I'll also endeavour to become less obsessed with Myfxbook metrics. It messed me up a little in the end. I'll reduce my time looking at Myfxbook and live charts (every time I looked at a live chart, there's a small chance of messing around with a trade. Look at a chart enough times, and those chances accumulate. Ditto with Myfxbook, where every glance increases the obsession with Myfxbook metrics). 

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