Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review of November 2016

I ended November slightly positive, growing the account by 0.65%. However, this doesn't balance the loss I made back in October (-2.5%).

Trades: 7
Account growth: 0.65%

I'm on track to finish 2016 with a return of over 10%. In fact, if December is friendly to me, I can finish with a 15% return. 

My number of trades for November was low, 7 vs my monthly average of 11. Out of curiosity, I checked to see how the number of trades per month affected my monthly performance.

Average number of trades for winning months: 10
Average number of trades for losing months: 12.33

Number of trades for best month (4.45% return): 4
Number of trades for worst month (-2.93% return): 18

Essentially, during losing months, I'd trade more often. I put this down to being more loose with my signal criteria. When you're losing or find yourself in doubt, TRADE LESS!

During November, I paid greater attention to retail sentiment, which reduced the number of trades I put on. I also kept my risk very low for the month, capping my max position size to 1%.


My research for November was very dry. I didn't develop any new leads or insights. It's becoming a struggle to find new angles to research. 


The markets will tend to settle down as Christmas approaches. I plan to stay out from the 19th of December, and re-enter after New Year's Day.

Good luck to everyone, and have a merry Christmas! 

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