Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10th April 2012 - loss on EURJPY

A pin bar formed on the EURJPY overnight at a support level. I placed a pending long which was triggered, then ended in a loss. The pin bar is visually presented below.

Details of the order zoomed in...

I looked at any possible news releases that would explain the downturn but couldn't find anything of real importance. I guess this is one of those statistical trades destined to fail. A factor that could've went against my trade was the strong bearish momentum before the pinbar, where three consecutive bear candles exist. However, the pin bar itself was quite prominent and closed with a bullish tone. I don't really see anything screaming out not to take this trade.

Tightening my SL to the 25% mark of the pinbar helped improve R:R once again.

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