Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17th April 2012 - nominal win on GBPNZD

A very minor win on the GBPNZD. I went long after seeing two consecutive bullish candles (pinbar and engulfing bar) moving off support and in favour of the trend. Price moved in my favour to within 15 pips of my TP before reversing. I moved my SL to slightly above breakeven, and the SL was hit, resulting in a very minor win. Thankfully it wasn't a loss. 


An update on the setup that I closed this morning. Looks like price did turn back in my favour once resistance was hit. When I saw this, I felt like laughing. TP#1 would've been hit if I had kept my trade open and stuck to my original SL.

 ^ Before

^ After

On that note, I will be taking tomorrow off.

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