Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The problem with an infrequently-traded system...

... is that you lose touch with the market. A low-volatility candle appeared on the AUDJPY a few days ago.
If you tried to trade the break of both the high and low of the candle with anything greater than a 1:1 R:R, you would've been whip-sawed out.
(Un)fortunatelly, I decided to ignore the market that particular day and simply focused on my research and backtesting.
That is the trouble with an infrequently-traded system. If you're potentially waiting 2+ weeks for your next entry signal, you can forget that you're trading live. I feel very much as if I'm back in "demo mode".
I will notch this up as a lesson in trader psychology. As a trader, you have to understand your psychological profile, and I believe I'm one of those traders who needs to be in the market frequently to remain engaged.

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