Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9th October 2013: Trade #1

Net pips won = 3.2 pips - 0.55 pips = 2.65 pips won

I spotted good confluence here: a (fat) bullish pinbar with good volume, support at 1.32000, a trend line and Fib 50% retracement. I entered after the fat pinbar had closed and retraced a little. However, price seemed to find near-term resistance at 1.32100. After this level was respected three times, and with the trend line looking close to being broken, I decided to bail and took profit. I was aiming for 1.32160.


  1. Nice trades on the EJ, well done Kevin. Do you mind me asking how you are identifying stop levels on the these trades? you're getting great R ratios! Best G

  2. Hey. I generally look for the most recent highs and lows and base my stops around them. Just a bit of a disclaimer: I'm not a profitable scalper!


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