Thursday, November 5, 2015


I finally closed my 100th live trade for this year! I started my current portfolio of systems back in May 2015, averaging about 4 trades a week. 

The statistics

Number of trades: 100
Number of trading systems: 4
Average position size: 1.96% equity risk per trade

Current equity growth: 11.35%
Maximum drawdown: 10.42%

Average reward-to-risk: 1.06
Winning probability: 55%
Profit factor (wins) / (losses + costs): 1.17

Equity Curve

I've kept the y-axis blank for privacy reasons.

(the x-axis shows "101" trades as my "first" trade is the initial balance).


If the current trend continues, then 20% annual growth seems reasonable, on par with professional hedge funds. The max drawdown of 10% is pretty normal. My profit factor of 1.17 falls within my backtest results (1.10 to 1.30). 

After reviewing my journal, I saw a number of trades that were prematurely closed due to psychological reasons like fear or impatience. If I had kept all those trades open, most would've hit their profit targets, so my performance should actually be better. A good trader needs to handle his mental state, so I'll continue to focus on this.

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