Saturday, November 14, 2015

WEEK IN REVIEW: 9 Nov to 15 Nov 2015

It's been a quiet week. I only entered one trade and won, pocketing a 0.67R reward.


I saw a low volatility retracement candle at Monday's close, and went short at its low. Price hesitated every time it approached my profit target. My profit target was finally hit on the third day of the trade. 

I think my profit target was too conservative, and I could've aimed for a 1R reward as there was still plenty of room to the most-recent swing low. Of course, I say that with the benefit of hindsight. 

The EURAUD is one of the higher-yielding currency pairs. The overnight interest added 5% to my profit, and I also collected an extra 15 pips in positive slippage. Not too bad!

(click to enlarge)


It was a quiet week, and I was tempted to open sub-optimal trades just so that I'd have a position. I held my nerve.

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