Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chris Lori's AUDJPY course

I just bought Chris Lori's AUDJPY course (found here). The course comes in two components: a DVD set and an online component. The DVD set will take a few weeks to arrive, but I have access to the online material and found it interesting so far. 

This also means that I'm shifting my focus from the EURJPY to the AUDJPY. As an Australian-based trader, I think this will make a better fit than the EURJPY, especially for daytrading where AUD and JPY news releases will occur during the Sydney / Tokyo sessions. Also, living in Australia provides an information advantage on the AUD side. 


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I have been studying Chris other courses, I wonder how you going with AUD/JPY course


    1. Hi Vinh. TBH, I'm not currently using any material from Chris Lory's course. I found it educational, but there wasn't anything in it that I could extract and turn into a mechanical system. It teaches a more discretionary style of trading. Also, one of the DVDs somehow became scratched so I can't play it anymore. :(

  2. Hello,
    Where is link to this course??


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